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Lesson 49教学设计方案(一)

StepI:Reading comprehension:

I) Fast Reading: Search for answers within 2 minutes.

  1. Why Ellis Island became known as the “Island of Tears”?

  2.Why New York is safe to build very tall buildings.

II)Reading comprehension:Finish Exs1 of page193.

III)Use a word to summarize each paragraph.

Paragraph1: location

Paragraph2: parks

Paragraph3: Island of Tears

Paragraph4: buildings

Paragraph5: New York never sleep

StepII.Listening practice.(Close their books.listen each paragraph and answer questions


  1.Who and when were the islands discovered?(1524, an Italian explorer)

  2.How much did the island of Manhattan cost when it was bought from local Indians?

(a handful of goods.)


  1. When did New York became the largest city in the USA?(1820)

  2.What did Central Park include?(space for summer picnic,open air concerts,plays and games;

  a zoo, an art museum, a boating lake ,a small lake…)


  1.What began in 1892?

  2.What kind of museum is Ellis Island today?

  3.How many people were turned away?

  4.What kind of tests did the people have to pass through?


  1.Which tall building was completed in 1931?

  2.How many storeys did the World Trade Center have?


  1.Why can we say “New York never sleeps”?

  2.Why did some people dislike the city?

StepIII.Language points:(使学生在语境中体会词汇的意义及用法。并可提高上课效率)

  I) Read the passage in details and pay enough attention to the Language.

  II) Close their books and fill in the blanks.


  In 1626 the island of Manhattan was bought from local Indians, Native Americans, for a handful of goods worth about $24. Today Native Americans express their anger over this business deal.


  In 1858 an area of poor housing, factories and farm buildings was torn down and Central Park was created, reaching from 59th Street  to 110th Street.


  In 1892 the age of mass arrivals began, during which 15 million new people passed through Ellis Island into the USA over a period of 62 years.Today Ellis Island is a museum, showing the roots of America’s new citizens, who came from all the corners of the earth.


  The twin towers are 110 storeys high, but high-speed lifts controlled by computer take only a minute to reach the top.

  But unfortunately the twin towers were destroyed by terrorist attacks on Septimber 11th,2001.


  New York never sleeps. The underground railway runs 24 hours a day, and there are all-night cinemas,bars and restaurants. Some people think that the weather is unpleasant,the city ugly and dirty, the competition fierce and the streets unsafe.It is a city in a hurrry, but a very exciting place to be.

B.Language points:

1.It is a city in a hurrry, but a very exciting place to be



  1)an exciting game:一场激动人心的球赛(球赛使人激动)

  excited spectators  激动的观众。(观众被激动)

  2)a moving film:一个动人的影片(影片使人感动)

  a moved audience.一常被感动了的观众。(观众被感动)

2.the competition fierce and the streets unsafe.

  1) violent and angry: fierce dog,winds,attacks

  have a fierce look.

  2)intense: fierce concentration

  3)unpleasantly or uncontrolled strong: fierce heat.

  His plan met with fierce opposition.

3. In 1626 the island of Manhattan was bought from local Indians, Native Americans, for a handful of goods worth about $24. Today Native Americans express their anger over this business deal.

A.worth:adj 形容词      be worth:动词

  英语的一个简单句中必须要有一个动词,be worth做动词时不能漏掉be. 而worth做形容词修饰名词的用法,老师们要提起注意,也许会成为高考的考点。

  I paid only $4000 for this used car but it’s worth a lot more.

  B.deal: n.名词agreement,esp in business. 协议,交易。

  They both wanted to use the car, so they did a deal.(=reach a compromise)

  It’s a deal.(=I agree to your terms.我同意你的条件)

StepIV.Writing a composition:

  The fierce wars between the new settlers and the local Indians broke out.Settlers made agreements with Native Americans chiefs but always broke them afterwards.At last, they came to a deal: The Native Americans were forced onto the poor land that the settlers did not want.

Passage 2:

  To our surprise,the island of Manhattan was bought from local Indians for a handful of goods worth about $24. Even today Native Americans express their anger over this business deal.In 1858 an area of poor housing was torn down and Central Park was created.



Lesson 49 教学设计方案(二)

Step 1  Revision

  Find out how much the students know about the USA. Ask some rapid questions around the class. What is the capital of the USA? (Washington, D. C.) Who is the President of the USA? Name three past Presidents of the USA. In which city is the tallest building? (Chicago.) How many States are there in the USA? (50; 48 contiguous States, plus Alaska and Hawaii.) Which American President brought an end to slavery and was shot in a theatre? (Abraham Lincoln.) What was “the gold rush”? (The time when thousands of people went to California to look for gold.) Where are the two Disneylands ? (Los Angeles and Florida.) What is the name of the centre of the film industry in Los Angeles? (Hollywood.) What prize is given to film actors and directors? (An Oscar.)

Step 2 Presentation and discussion

  SB Page 1, Part 1. Find out how much the Ss know about New York. Write the title of the text on the Bb and ask the Ss to tell you what they know. Put any useful notes and key words that arise out of this discussion on the Bb. Teach the new words skyscraper, avenue, etc. Get Ss to talk about the picture and describe what they can see.

Step 3  Reading for general understanding

  Read the task aloud. Allow the Ss enough time to read the text and tick the subjects which are mentioned in the text. Check the answers with the class. (Population; history; government; sports; transport; parks; buildings.)

Step 4 Reading

  Wb Lesson 49, Ex. 1. Go through the exercise and make sure the Ss know what to do. Let them read the whole passage carefully and answer the questions, working in pairs or small groups. Check the answers with the whole class. This is a good time to deal with any language problems. See if the Ss can guess the meaning of handful.


a New York is the largest city in the USA, with an estimated population of 7,165,000 in the city and 9,119,737 in the metropolitan area (1984 dates). It is made up of five boroughs: Manhat tan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Richmond. It is the largest US port, the country's trade centre, and, with its banks and stock exchange, the financial centre of the world. The United Nations has its headquarters in New York.

b The group of islands includes Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island.

c The first westerner to discover: Point out the structure “the + superlative/ordinal number + noun + to + infinitive”. The meaning is the first westerner who discovered.

d In 1524, Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian in the service of the French King Francis I, discovered the island of Manhattan. In 1609, Henry Hudson sailed up the river which is named after him. He was on a voyage for the Dutch East India Company in his ship Half Moon.

e In 1624 the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam was started on lower Manhattan.

f a handful = the amount of goods that can be held in one's hand (s). Similar expressions: mouthful, armful, pocketful.

g Peter Minuit is said to have bought the island of Manhattan for $24 worth of goods.

h making it = when New York grew to 125,000 people, it became the largest city in the USA.

i was torn down = was destroyed. Tear down is usually used with buildings, but can also be used with large notices and political banners.

j reaching from 59th Street ...: Manhattan is organized on a grid system. Avenues run north to south and streets run east to west.

k the age of mass arrivals = a time when people arrive in the US in large numbers

l Ellis Island is in Upper New York Bay. From 1892-1943 it was the chief entry station for immigrants to the US.

m went up = was built

n The tallest building in the US is the Sears Tower in Chicago. It was completed in 1974, has 110 storeys and is 443 metres high (32 metres taller than the World Trade Center).

o this is no mistake = this is not a mistake

p This is because: This refers to the previous sentence.

Q New York never sleeps: Point out that things, like cities, can be compared to human beings.

r the underground railway: in American English subway. The first subway was built in 1904.

s all-night = which stay open all night long

t the city ugly and dirty ... unsafe: Point out the ellipsis and the omission of is in these three phrases.

u a very exciting place to be: a set expression (= it is very exciting to be there)

Step 5 Discussion

Get Ss to work through these questions in pairs or small groups, then check the answers at the end.

  1 Islands provide safety from attack and shelter for ships from storms.

  2 They feel that they were “robbed” in an unfair business deal.

  3 Manhattan Island is made of solid rock, which provides firm foundations for tall buildings.

  4 Because land is scarce and very expensive.

  5  A, B and C are all good answers.

  6  C

  7  C

Step 6 Reading aloud

Speech Cassette Lesson 49. Play the tape of the passage for the Ss to listen and follow. Play the tape of part of the passage once more; this time the Ss listen and repeat. Suitable sections might be the paragraph “In 1892 ...” to practise sentence stress and intonation in longer sentences, also the paragraph “The building of skyscrapers in New York began ...” to practise numbers.

Step 7 Workbook

Wb Lesson 49, Exx. 2-3.

  Get the Ss to read through the sentences in Ex. 2 and discuss in pairs. Then check the answers with the whole class.

Ex. 3 can be done as part of consolidation in the next step if time permits.

Step 8 Consolidation

  Ask Ss what they have learnt about New York in this lesson, especially anything that was new for them. Get them to tell each other in pairs first, and then get pairs to tell the rest of the class.


  Read the passage again.

  Finish off the Workbook exercises.

  Get the Ss to make notes about New York.