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  Listening Cassette Unit 15. Listen to the text 2-3 times and finishing filling the blanks.It’s a good way of practising listening.

Listening Text

Study skills: Writing

  In this talk a teacher gives advice to students about writing compositions.

  The important point to remember is that everyone can learn to write well.

  When you have to write a composition, the first thing to do is write down all your ideas as quickly as possible. If the ideas don’t come to you quickly try asking yourself some questions: When? Where? Who? What? Why? If you can talk over your ideas with a partner. You can do this in English or Chinese’, it doesn’t matter.

  Next, see which of the ideas are connected, and put them in the best order. At this stage, cross out any ideas which don’t fit in. You will always have more than enough ideas for your composition.

  Some students think that you have to write a long introduction at the beginning of your composition. In fact, this isn’t necessary. Time is short.

  Now check the plan for your composition. Is it too long or too short? Do you need more information? If so, you may need to go to your school library. Do you need more examples to make your ideas clear? It is more interesting for your reader if you can introduce examples to show what you mean.

  Now write your first composition. When you have finished, read it through again and check the spelling. Is your composition clear? Are any sentences too long? Are the ideas connected together?

  Next. ask for another person’s opinion. Show your composition to your teacher or another student. Ask them to point out anything that could be improved.

  Finally, correct your work and write out your composition a second time.

  When it comes to the exam, you may not be able to go through all these stages. But at least you can follow this programme: First ― ideas, then ― plan, then ― write.


  In 1982, Mark Thatcher, the son of Mrs Thatcher, was reported missing in the Sahara Desert while competing in the Grand Prix Motor race from Paris to Daker. This sad news, so unexpected, shook the   1  calm and unhurried politician off her balance. Though she did her best to   2  as if nothing had happened and made her public appearances as usual, people could not fail to notice that she was no longer the old self-assured(自信心) prime minister who always had everything under   3   . Instead she bad become a very sad mother who was unable to recover  from her  4   .

  One day, when she was to   5  at a lunch party, a reporter caught her off her guard by bringing up the   6  of her missing son again. She was totally mentally   7  for the question and lost her   8   . Tears were rolling down her eyes   9  she sobbingly(哭泣着) told the reporter that there was still no news of Mark and that she was very  10  about him. She said that all the countries concerned had promised to do their best to help her find her son. With that she   11   down completely and sobbed silently for quite a while. Gradually she   12  down and  started to speak as planned. It was a very   13   scene which exposed a new side of Mrs. Thatcher’s   14  the public do not usually see, so people began to   15  about the Iron Woman's motherly love, a feeling  l6  is common to all human race.

  Later Mark returned safe and   17  to his mother's side, good-humoured and all smiles as usual   18  nothing unusual had    19   happened. The Iron Woman, however, broke down again and was   20   sobbing for the second time.

1.A.seldom  B.quite  C.usually   D.frequently    答案:C

2.A. talk   B. pretend  C . seem  D. look  答案:B

3. A. help  B. control  C. oppression   D. power

  [解析]介词短语under control意为“在控制之下”。答案:B

4.A. shaking  B. dream  C. fear  D. shock

  [解析]由开头句和This sad news shook the politician…判断出此空选shock 才能与句首呼应。   答案:D

5. A. speak  B. appear  C. pay   D. cook

  [解析] 下文“to speak as planned”暗示此题空缺处应填speak。


6. A. object  B. subject  C. report  D. announcement

  [解析] 此处指记者缠住她提出了她儿子失踪的话题,也可从下文得知。


 7. A. unprepared  B . answering   C. eager  D. got ready

  [解析] 词组be unprepared for (未作准备)中unprepared是过去分词在句中作定语。


 8.A. son   B. self-control   C. balance  D. belief



 9. A. because  B. that  C. as  D. thus

  [解析]连词as意为“当……时候”,引导时间状语从句。   答案:C

 10. A. eager  B. curious   C. afraid  D. worried

  [解析]词组be worried about sb. 意为“担心某人”。   答案::D

 11.  A. broke   B .fell  C. quiet    D. went

  [解析] 四个动词短语中break down 指精神失去控制(突然大哭)。


12. A. slowed  B. turned   C. calmed  D. broke

  [解析]前文已叙述she sobbed silently for quite a while, 此空应填calmed才与and started to speak as planned相符。


13. A. interesting  B. moving  C. serious   D. merry

  [解析]由上文可判断出,这种场面令人感动,从四个形容词义来看,只有选moving, 而且又能引出下文。


14. A. character  B. importance   C. thought  D. position

  [解析] 由上下文可判断出此空应选character,character 在此意为“品格,特征”。


 15 .A. set  B. worry   C. think  D. talk



 16.A. it  B. she  C. this  D. that

  [解析]that 引导定语从句,又在从句中作主语。    答案:D

 17. A. healthy   B. happy   C. sound   D. voice

  [解析]safe and sound 属固定短语,意为“安然无恙”   答案:C

 18. A. so that   B. as if   C. though   D. yet   答案:B

19. A. ever  B. just   C. never  D. yet



20. A. seen  B. caught  C. heard   D. made   答案:A



  1. 我们从初一(甚至小学)开始学英语,每周至少10节英语课,花费了大量的时间,精力,为什么英语还停留在初始水平?怎样才能科学,高效地学习英语?
  2.We meet people every day. How can we appear friendly to others? In what way can we communicate with people well?